About Us

ManuChandra Technologies Online Training & Classroom training

Our mission and principles

At ManuChandra technologies we adopt an unconventional attitude in rendering training solutions in a most effective cost-competitive manner. Our IT online training & classroom courses are designed to offer hands-on experience and real-business scenarios in the entire curriculum. We enable students/trainees to quickly understand and appreciate various advanced technological aspects of emerging IT environments and standards.

We are determined to contribute to the growth of Information Technology in India by creating IT professionals with in-depth knowledge. We have been providing quality learning for IT career aspirants, prospective careers for experienced IT faculty, proficient consulting exposure to IT consultants and effective training for employees of corporate organizations. We strive to foster lasting relationships with students, faculty, consultants, corporate and enterprises.

About Online Training Courses

Life long learning must now be a part of everyone’s career plans. In today’s job market, taking online courses help workers remain competitive and they don’t need to take time off from their jobs to do this.

Money saving option: Students may be able to save money but not having to physically attend classes. Online courses may help individuals cut down or eliminate costs of transportation, babysitting, and other expenses incurred by attending classes in a traditional setting.

Convenient Schedule: Many professionals who wants to return from office might be working full time, and they might also have a family to care for. For those people, taking the time to drive out to class in the evenings while working during the day is not feasible. On-Line classes allow for the attending of classes wherever the student has access to the Internet.

Simple, Flexible Logistics: After location, time is the greatest limitation on learning. That goes for both the instructors and the students, each of whom has to be both available and in alignment with the other for face-to-face interaction. Everyone ,involved can participate at a time, and for a duration, that suits his or her schedules.

Who can take this Online Training courses?
Online Course is open to working professionals, Engineers who wants to upgrade their knowledge, recent graduates / students and Experience professionals who wants their skills to be upgraded. Only requirement is that the attendee should have a strong desire to learn and willing to work real hard and do all assignments.
Why India is best for Online Training Courses?

India is playing a major role in the growth of online learning opportunities that are popping up throughout World. Over the past few decades, India has developed tremendous world-class universities and colleges which are fast becoming destinations for some of World’s best and brightest, and their online programmes are experiencing a similar boom.

Why ManuChandra Technologies is best for Online courses? 

We provide cost effective training for learners with proper guidance according to the demand of job market. Faculty, technically sound in high end technologies will teach you with quality principles and deliver the methodology of easy learning which gets you updated to the current trend. ManuChandra Technologies with dedication provides you the best learning concepts which puts you front in this competitive software world as a successful one.

Our faculty are skilled enough to explore the complicated concepts and explain you in a well descriptive manner. As technological enhancement is getting faster day by day there is indispensable part of imparting advance concepts to the learners to meet the demand which is the cause for emerge of  ManuChandra Technologies.

Highlights of ManuChandra Technologies:

  • Fully equipped latest Computer Lab facility available to do more practice.
  • Provides very good subject as per Software Industry standards.
  • We trained candidates what are the skills expected by the Industry.
  • We guide them in all aspects like Resume preparation and Interview tips.
  • Programmes to suit your schedules for upgrading individuals skills.
  • Our training sessions are very interactive, practical and encourage discussions.
  • Courses run by very experienced facilitators.
  • The theme is to provide environment that facilitates interaction b/w students and the trainers.
  • Structured learning and Additional Practice sessions
  • We provide on-line courses for different countries like U.S , Australia, U.K, NewZealand,Malasia,Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India etc,.

Our Founder

Satya Lakkoju has built ManuChandra Technologies with a passion to provide in-depth, quality-centric and technology-driven IT online and classroom trainings. Equipped with a Professional Master’s Degree in MCA he brings 12 years of IT experience with 6 (or several) years as a Java Developer and 6 (or several) years immersed in Middleware Technology such as WebSphere, WebLogic and MQ.